Fan Building Framework

The vast majority of successful authors use some version of this model to grow their readership. Offering something for free is so don't lose the reader just because they might not be ready to buy at the time they first discover you. Using a drip strategy, you will build trust, build your fan base. It's all about reaching your targeted reader.

Having a fan building framework is essential to growing your position because you simply can't depend on Amazon to do it for you. 2,500 fans is the initial goal.

The main components:

  1. A website (ideally, a targeted landing page with a tool like (PubWriter)
  2. Write & publish on a regular basis (I recommend every 2-4 weeks).

Every email you send can include a link to purchase your book, and it should include a way for new readers (as they may forward your email) to subscribe.

If you use a blogging tool like Medium or, you can automatically trigger an email blast every time you write a new post using the RSS feeds they provide.

Here are a few examples of other authors using the Fan Building Framework to build their fan base:

Note: You can have a more attractive signup page that readers land on, but the 'core system' behind it that makes up the fan building framework. You are providing 'subscribers' with valuable content you can 'drip' to them and stay engaged. You can't expect them to remember to come back and visit your blog. Your email is the reminder they need (and call-to-action).

Smart authors offer a 'premium' version of their content to subscribers.

We will build this into the homepage of your PubWriter site.

More examples:

  • Leo Babauta has been giving his content since 2008 and has grown a huge following (over 2 million subscribers). As a result he gets paid very well to speak and offers paid online courses. Many of his books are also bestsellers.
  • David Wood has been building his email list for years and has over 100,000 subscribers. As a result, he generates a 6-income by simply promoting the work of others who pay him a referral fee (aka affiliate fee).
  • Gretchen Rubin simply sends short quotes every week (which can also be tweets), which keeps herself top of mind with her subscribers.
  • Scott Dinsmore offers new subscribers high value to engage them right off the bat.
  • Mindful Resistance

Gaining subscribers from Amazon

If you have a book on Kindle, the links in the preview can be made live. Here's how one of our clients is doing it:

Her book on Kindle.

Near the start of the preview, you'll see:

It takes you to her website:

She reported a big increase in subscribers after she we ran a KDP promotions for her.

What are the key components?

  • Well written sales letter/landing page
  • Compelling offer
  • Subscribe button
  • Follow me links to your various social media channels
  • Buttons to share your post on social media

1. Well written sales page

Video Sales Letter (VSL) is an excellent strategy. Here's a great example.

2. Compelling offer

Here's a good example of a compelling offer:

3. Subscribe button

4. Follow me links