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PubWriter leverages desktop Sync, Markdown, Bootstrap, custom CSS, and javascript to give you a powerful static website generator to build one-of-kind websites that can be adapted for almost any purpose. In 2023, we added support for ChatGPT. It's introduces an effortless 'save-to-publish' approach where everything you create is automatically backed up while simultaneously published to your website. We can also adapt existing sites to it. If you're frustrated with the limitations of the platform you are currently on. It is similar to frameworks like Hugo, Gatsby, Jekyll - yet doesn't require nearly the depth of coder knowledge.

To get the most from PubWriter, you should have an understanding of Markdown (which you can learn very quickly), a plain text editor (I recommend VSC), and a free Sync account. The advantage of PubWriter over other static website generators is our 'save-to-publish' technology. To create or edit a page, you simply save it locally in your own sync folder. Within 30 seconds, the page you save will be published to your website.

We designed PubWriter 'mobile-first' in mind because over 50% of all web traffic is now via smart phones. PubWriter sites are fast, secure, and extremely easy to update (no login required!). We often hit all greens on the Google lighthouse tests which help ensure your site ranks high on search engines:

Since 2013, PubWriter has been used to host hundreds of domains for our clients and serve thousands of webpages. Many of our sites rank at the top of google for their search terms. Support for markdown continues to grow and you can rest easy knowing that the work you put into your website will be easily adaptable web technologies of the future (in addition to being backed up at all times). Unlike other overly complicated platforms that use proprietary tools to lock you into lengthy subscriptions, your content, in markdown is 'open source' from day one.

The PubWriter Sandbox


The PubWriter Sandbox is a learn by doing web app that allows you to see results in real-time and how you can build your pages with PubWriter.

You can even change up the themes by simply changing the div class:

We've already built over 100 websites using PubWriter. Are you ready to discover how truly simple web publishing can be?

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Brian Schwartz