Showcase of websites built with PubWriter

I've been building websites for over 20 years. It was only in the last few years that I begin to offer websites to customers. While PubWriter is a great framework to build websites, I've discovered that most of my clients prefer to pay someone to build and manage their website for them. This page is a showcase of some of those websites. Keep in mind that from start, my objective is to build a site that is fast, secure, mobile friendly, easy to navigate (and update), and meets the performance criteria Google expects (which results in a high search engine ranking).

Author Websites

  1. Gordon Zuckerman
  2. Kevin Hanegan
  3. Climaturity
  4. Kicks and Giggles
  5. Lawrence Mass
  6. Eric Bartosz - Bar40
  7. Bobby Luisi
  8. Warden Force by Terry Hodges
  9. Ed Duncan
  10. Robert Steele
  11. Doug Garland - Author
  12. Jim D'Ville - Author
  13. Crashing the Party - Bestselling Author
  15. Marijuana Business Books
  16. Jeff Grissler
  17. Paul Fichera
  18. Len Carpenter
  19. Ed Smink
  20. Mary Kay Stenger
  21. Richard Kurtz
  22. Bill Froehlich
  23. Daniel Logan

Want to blog, build a mailing list, and generate monthly recurring revenue?

In 2022, I began building websites with the Ghost CMS. I can convey with confidence that it's superior to wordpress and puts the power of a blog & newsletter into a single web app.

  1. Tall Poppy Syndrome
  2. Turning Data Into Wisdom
  3. Sheridan Wray Brett
  4. SG Books
  5. Clear The Space
  6. Morro Bay Seniors

Small Businesses

  1. Cayucos Sausage Company
  2. Ryan Garcia DDS
  3. Avocado Shack
  5. Wise Media Group
  6. Reviewer Perks
  7. Gracie Museum
  8. Gracie Museum in Portuguese
  9. Fresno Pickleball
  10. Ukulele Songbook
  11. Seanna Yoga
  12. Coalesce Press
  13. Sentinel Voices