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I've been building websites for over 20 years. It was only in the last few years that I begin to offer websites to customers. While PubWriter is a great framework to build websites, I've discovered that most of my clients prefer to pay someone to build and manage their website for them. This page is a showcase of some of those websites. Keep in mind that from start, my objective is to build a site that is fast, secure, mobile friendly, easy to navigate (and update), and meets the performance criteria Google expects (which results in a high search engine ranking).

Cayucos SausageWarden ForceBar40 (Book)Joselyn SkyDentist Author Barbershop Produce/StorefrontCoffeeshopAuthor DistilleryAuthorGame WardenVirtual MuseumReviewer PerksAuthor/ArtistTherapistMarijuana Business BooksGabriel Orion MarieReady Set Go PublishingBert SilvaSharp Turn InstituteAuthorTechnology HeadacheArt StudentSoul of CaregivingUkulele SongbookGuts n' GunshipsYoga InstructorYour Site Here!

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